Behavioral Health Solutions is located at 2898 Mahan Drive, #5, in Tallahassee, FL,  (850) 552-0691.

Behavioral Health Solutions offers a valuable resource to adults and children by providing ADHD & Other Mental Health Evaluations – comprehensive, confidential, and effective evaluations of symptoms for nineteen of the most common mental health disorders. Mental Health Evaluations include ADHD (lack of focus and hyperactivity/impulsivity), PTSD, social and performance anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, panic attacks, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, OCD, and Specific Phobias. We also evaluate any other significant areas that may be impacting your behavioral health.

Included in the evaluation is the assessment, follow-up clinical interview, treatment plan, diagnostic report, and professional referrals as needed. These services empower our clients with professional resources and the ability to quickly obtain appropriate care, medication, in-depth treatment, or basic counseling as needed. We coordinate our services with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, other behavioral health professionals, schools, judges, attorneys, providing them with necessary documentation to treat or assist our mutual clients.