ADHD/College Students

If you would like to be evaluated for ADHD to be prescribed medication only, Behavioral Health Solutions can provide this mental health evaluation for you for $375 (without insurance), and send a report to your primary care physician or psychiatrist. Get evaluated early in the semester in order to address your symptoms. Everyone can “hyper-focus” on areas that fascinate them, but you may be struggling with details, procrastination, a lot more reading and less comprehension, or have an inability to sit still and study.

ADHD also can affect time management, organization, priorities, and many other skills you will need at school and in your future employment. If these symptoms are not addressed, you may become depressed or anxious because you cannot succeed in important areas of your life. Behavioral Health Solutions assesses these other symptoms along with ADHD to get a full picture of your concerns, and provides recommendations for treatment.

If you are in need of accommodations in class also (in addition to medication), please check with your college or university regarding what type of evaluation is required. If you are required to see a psychologist for a full battery of tests in order to receive accommodations, our office can refer you to a psychologist at this location. The cost for the psychological battery of tests  is $850.